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New single from Mixthoven in the 14th of April.

14th Of April we are releasing the next single from mixthoven. The sound is a bit more club-oriented but still represents what he stands for: “Instead of the more distant sound universe, which i love, i felt like doing a more -In your face- track! But this club-sounding single, does not mean a goodbye to the more distant sound”.

14/04/14 the new single “Too much” will be available at

Take a listen here: 


Free x-mas single from Wet’n'dirty Records & Martin Frost.

Its finally x-mas, and guess what?

You’re in for a treat! Today we are publishing this new single from Martin Frost called “Requiem for a dream”.

Its totally free for you to download! So go to our Soundcloud page and get your copy right away!

Allso we are launching our annual X-mas rave the 25th of December – More info will be present on our facebook page.

Merry X-mas!



NEW RELEASE: Snow in the city EP

New EP release from MikeAir: Snow in the City EP.

This is the first but not last you are going to hear from Danish Producer and Dj Mike Riess alias MikeAir.

The EP features several other artists and the tracklist are as follows:

  1. Snow in the City
  2. This ship featuring Cat’D'Lilac
  3. She said
  4. Cheated on you featuring Fatma Karie
  5. 7Ron

Get your copy at:

>> Beatport:

Releaseparty will be at Wunderbar (Rådhustorvet 6 in Sønderborg, Denmark) the 25th of October starting from 21.00. With free entrance.


Releases teaser 2013:

Releases for 2013 so far:

  • Mixthoven – Compact single  (September 1st)
  • MikeAir – Snow in the city EP (October 1st)
  • Martin Frost – Devotion EP (November 1st)

Thats it for now, but we have more artists and more releases in the near future to come!


FIRST SINGLE: Mixthoven – Compact

Finally we are ready to announce the fact that we are releasing the first single from Mixthoven the 1. of September 2013. The single is called Compact and is frontrunner for his EP which will be released later this year or in the start of the coming year.

Here’s a little sneak peek for you:

Be sure to check back soon, cause we have more interesting news and releases this coming week.


August events + more media.

The coming month of august is promising a whole lot of house and techno for the people of als! Wet’n'dirty ar attending at 3 different events in the city of Sønderborg. Keep an eye out at our facebook page for invites and more info!



  • Wet’n’dirty @ Sønderborg Beach party (10/08/13)
  • Wet’n’dirty lounge session @ Brøggeriet (17/08/13)
  • Wet’n’dirty @ Karens galleri, Sønderborg (23/08/13)


Also we have been adding video content to the media page, so check out this cool video with dj Matt Horvath showing off with a great tune at our event at caféen.


Sønderborg Beachparty

This year wet’n'dirty will be represented at the annual beach party in Sønderborg.

The arrangement is the 10th of August and the Dj’s from Wet’n'dirty attending will be Matt Horvath & MikeAir in a short Back2Back session.





Interview with Ayana

Recently we made an interview with a german Djane from Dresden called Ayana, as a result, she made us a deephouse mixtape. Go check it out Here!



Mixthoven onboard!

We are welcoming Mitxoven to the family!

Read his artist profile here!

Mixthoven will be releasing a single and an EP through Wet’n'dirty records. More info to come.

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Wet’n'Dirty records is a part of the danish dj-community regarding house & tech-house called Wet’n'dirty. We are a DK-based label with the mission to spread the music we find most interesting in the world of electronic music. Currently we are finishing our first compilation called “We are dirty” with names such as “Nicky demensa” (former flashbang records), Martin Frost, MikeRiess and several others.

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